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For Damaged ACLs, It’s Aperion and Pig Tendons to the Rescue- Featured in Xconomy

2 October 2015

"The premise of Aperion Biologics’ business is a bit of a no-brainer: Provide the market with a product used to repair anterior cruciate ligaments of the knee, because there is demand and not necessarily enough supply.

The way the San Antonio, TX-based company does that is a bit more complicated. Aperion uses a patented process to make pig tissue such as tendons, which are readily available, usable for human ACL reconstruction. Normally, the human body rejects animal tissue that doctors try to use surgically..."

"The Z-lig Tendon Paves The Way for Xenographic ACL Transplants" - Aperion Biologics featured on Medgadget

9 September 2015

"Aperion Biologics has taken major steps towards making xenografts a competitive alternative for use in the nearly one million ACL reconstruction surgeries performed globally every year. A xenograft is tissue taken from one species and transplanted into another, however they are not commonly used since there is a high risk that the transplant will be rejected by the human immune system and lead to serious complications..."

Animal ligaments can repair human knees - ABC 7 News Story on Kevin R. Stone's work on the Z-Lig

14 April 2015

Bay Area researchers have developed a new technique to help repair injured knees. It could someday change the way many surgeries are done. 

From bike riding to basketball, it would be hard to find a sport that Marty doesn't like. But the financial manager, who asked us not use his last name, also paid a painful price with his right knee.

"I'd just torn my ACL playing basketball for the second time in that knee. I had a pretty bad experience the first time, I had a patellar tendon graft, very painful, took a long time getting back to being active," he says.

Aperion Biologics, Inc. Granted CE Mark for Z-Lig ACL Replacement Device

22 April 2014

Aperion Biologics, Inc. was granted the CE Mark approval for its lead product, the Z-Lig ACLR device, to be used by surgeons in the European Union and other territories that accept the CE Mark.

France Dixon Helfer and Mike Ward Appointed to the Board of Directors of Aperion Biologics, Inc.

11 March 2014

Aperion Biologics, Inc., a clinical-stage regenerative medical device company, announced that France Dixon Helfer and Mike Ward were appointed to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Biotech firm Aperion Biologics works to overcome rejection

20 April 2012

(April 2012) Officials with San Antonio-based Aperion Biologics Inc. expect to have approval to market their products in Europe, putting the company on a path to be cash-flow positive within the next two to three years.

Aperion is a clinical-stage medical device company that is seeking to address a need for alternatives for human tissue grafts in the sports medicine market. The company has a patented process for sterilizing and “humanizing” animal tissues so they can be used as graft material in humans without the fear of rejection.

Aperion Biologics Completes Enrollment in Z-Lig Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Medical Device Performance Trial

28 March 2012

Aperion Biologics, Inc. announced that it has completed patient enrollment and implantation in the Company’s clinical trial of its Z-Lig Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR) Device for the treatment of ligament injuries of the knee. The prospective, randomized and blinded multicenter study commenced in January 2011 in both Europe and South Africa to provide safety and performance data in the reconstruction of patients’ knees with primary ACL ruptures.

Aperion Biologics Invited to Present at the UBS Global Life Sciences Conference

16 September 2011

Aperion Biologics, Inc. announced today that the company will be presenting at the 2011 UBS Global Life Sciences Conference at the Grand Hyatt New York on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 3:00 PM (EDT). Daniel Lee, Chief Executive Officer, is scheduled to present an overview of the Company's unique technology, clinical progress and plans for commercialization.

Aperion Biologics Initiates Clinical Trial of Z-Lig Device for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

11 February 2011

Aperion Biologics, Inc. announced the enrollment and implantation of the first patients in the Company’s clinical trial of its Z-Lig Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR) Device for the treatment of ligament injuries of the knee. The primary objective of the multicenter study is to provide additional evidence of the safety and performance of Z-Lig in the reconstruction of patients’ knees with primary ACL ruptures. Seven sites in Europe and one site in South Africa are participating in this clinical trial. Dr.

Aperion Biologics, Inc. Receives Therapeutic Discovery Project Grant

9 November 2010

Aperion Biologics, Inc. (ABI), an orthobiologics company focused on regenerative medicine with a technology platform which provides unique solution to the global surgical need for human based grafts from an alternative source of tissue announced that the Company has received a grant totaling nearly $250,000 under the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project.