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We are a commercial-stage medical device company addressing the significant need for an alternative to human-based sources of tissues to be used in surgical procedures. Our lead product, the Z-Lig®, is produced by a patent-protected process for porcine tendons and its safety and performance was demonstrated in multicenter, prospective randomized trials in Europe and South Africa. We received the CE Mark in 2014 (the regulatory permission to market the product in Europe) for use initially as a knee joint anterior cruciate ligament (“ACL”) replacement in revision and multiligament procedures, which allows us to distribute the Z-Lig in any market which recognizes this approval. We have been building the appropriate distribution channels, primarily establishing a network of distributors that have strong relationships with sports medicine doctors.

Z-Lig is the only known biological alternative to human tissue for ACL replacement. Since Z-Lig is a biological implant that maintains a scaffold, it can become populated and remodeled with the patient’s own cells (similar to human-sourced tissue), referred to in the industry as “ligamentization”. This ligamentization is one of the keys to Z-Lig’s proven ability to be highly functional in patients many years post-implantation. Our propriety process is protected by an extensive portfolio of patents and patent applications, including 23 issued patents in the U.S. and internationally.