It's not just about the knee.

Aperion Biologics, Inc. is a commercial-stage medical device company. Aperion Biologics’ solutions fall into the category of regenerative medicine, one of the most promising areas in medicine.

The company has developed and patented a technique to make animal-tissues usable for human applications without causing rejection. This platform, Z-Process®, is the basis for many potential new applications in human health, with many different kinds of tissues in the body.

Our first product, Z-Lig provides biologic solutions to orthopedic problems, specifically the knee. We started with the knee as it’s part of a larger mission of wanting to see people live more active lives for a longer period of time. The demand for alternative orthopedic solutions is expected to grow, due to the expanding aging and active population suffering from degenerative ailments. 

Aperion Biologics is committed to expanding the benefits of our regenerative biologic devices in the global community, with the highest value on safety. Z-Lig tissue is sourced from ISO 22442 compliant facilities. In addition, the European Commission has issued legislation on the welfare of farmed animals throughout their lifecycle. Any meat or animal products imported into European union countries must follow these guidelines.